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IP Stars 2016

Published on 20 May 2016 | 7 minute read

The 2016 IP stars have been released and we are pleased to announce that we now have top tier rankings in China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and the UAE and that Chad Dowle, Arty Rajendra and Rachel Tan have been listed as IP Stars for the first time. 




Copyright - foreign firms - Tier 1

Patent - foreign firms Tier 1

Trade mark - foreign firms - Tier 1

Trade Mark Stars - Linda Chang, Elliot Papageorgiou and Rachel Tan

Patent Stars - Elliot Papageorgiou

"Rouse’s China practice has received praise for its “first rate advice” and is “very efficient, reliable, and responsive in every aspect,” according to clients. Rouse built an association with Beijing Lusheng law firm in 2006, which enables the firm to handle both contentious and non-contentious work in China.

The firm’s China practice is overseen by Linda Chang whose “excellent negotiation skills” is highly regarded. A client said she is “always the first choice for difficult issues and transactions”.

Rachel Tan is the head of China’s trade mark group. “Rachel generally has a great client base and delivers excellent work,” says a peer.

Elliot Papageorgiou is defending Swarovski on a trade mark infringement case. “Elliot has an excellent strategic mind. He delivers the best for his clients by combining his western legal background with in-depth knowledge of China,” says a client.

Partner Sharon Qiao is best known for her work in invalidation and opposition proceedings. Qiao recently helped Marriot Worldwide file oppositions and secure well-known mark status for trade marks “Marriot” and “Wan Hao”, after a third party tried to register “Wan Hao Golf Club”. After the China Trademark Office and TRAB turned down Marriot‘s claims, the company filed suit at the Beijing First Intermediate Court and received a favourable decision and a finding that the marks are well-known. The Beijing High Court upheld the Intermediate Court’s ruling."


Hong Kong


Copyright - Tier 3

Patent Contentious - Tier 3

Patent Prosecution - Tier 3

Trade mark contentious - Tier 3

Trade mark prosecution - Tier 3

Trade Mark Stars - Adelaide Yu and Chris Vale


India (Ranjan Narula in association with Rouse)


Trade mark contentious - Tier 3

Trade mark prosecution - Tier 4

Trade Mark Stars - Ranjan Narula


Indonesia (Rouse in association with Suryomurcito & Co)


Patent contentious - Tier 1

Patent prosecution - Tier 3

Trade mark contentious /copyright - Tier 1

Trade mark prosecution - Tier 2

Trade Mark Stars - Nick Redfearn and Gunawan Suryomurcito

"Rouse (in association with Suryomurcito & Co) is best known for its anti-piracy and trade mark enforcement work. The well-regarded team consisting local and foreign practitioners also advises its clients on non-contentious matters. Lisa Yong leads the Jakarta-based team of Rouse, while Gunawan Suryomurcito, described as “one the most respected IP lawyers,” heads Suryomurcito & Co. The firm represents businesses based in Europe, Japan and South Korea, including GSK, Google, BP, Starbucks, Diageo and Procter & Gamble.

The firm advised GS Yuasa Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of lead acid automobile and motorcycle batteries, in an enforcement matter. The client succeeded in two appeals against two trade mark squatters, having convinced the court that the marks were filed in bad faith.

Nicholas Redfearn, a leading IP practitioner in Asia, acted for H&M Hennes & Mauritzin cancelling the MONKEY MONKEY trade mark, registered to a local party in class 25. The action was filed at the Commercial Court, which later accepted the claim that the mark was not put to use. The cancelling of this registration was important in paving the way for the client’s choice to use its MONKI mark."


Philippines (Baranda & Associates, an affiliate of Rouse)


Trade mark contentious /copyright - Tier 2

Trade mark prosecution - Tier 2

Trade Mark Stars - Edmund Jason Baranda

"Baranda & Associates/Rouse serves many clients from Rouse’s global network. The firm has a strong trade mark practice and works well with enforcement agencies. Baranda’s lawyers also practice before the Supreme Court.

Some of the firm’s key clients include Motion Picture Association and the Association of the American Publishers. The prosecution practice has well-known clients such as Mars, Goodyear, Viacom and Allergan.

Managing partner Edmund Baranda is the lead for the trade mark portfolio and is also a patent expert. Regional consultant for Lisa Yong works closely with Baranda on regional strategy."


Saudi Arabia (Kadasa & Partners in association with Rouse)


Patent Contentious - Recommended

Patent Prosecution - Tier 3

Trade Mark Prosecution - Tier 2

Trade mark contentious /copyright - Recommended




Patent contentious - Tier 2

Patent prosecution - Tier 1

Trade mark contentious /copyright - Tier 2

Trade mark prosecution - Tier 2

Trade Mark Stars - Fabrice Mattei

Patent Stars - Fabrice Mattei

"Rouse’s Thailand and Myanmar offices are managed by Fabrice Mattei, who opened the offices in 2000 and 2013 respectively. He has significant experience handling IP litigation.

Executive and deputy country manager Manoon Changchumni has over 18 years of IP experience in Thailand. He has advised on trade mark, patent and design disputes and supervises the management of patent and design portfolios. He handles patent and trade mark registration, oppositions, appeals, cancellations, license agreements and anti-counterfeit cases.

His clients include those in the consumer products, food and beverage, cosmetics, electronics, automobile and entertainment industries."


United Arab Emirates


Patent contentious - Recommended

Patent prosecution - Tier 2

Trade mark contentious/copyright - Tier 1

Trade mark prosecution - Tier 1

Trade Mark Stars - Chad Dowle and Sara Holder

"The “excellent local knowledge and experience” of Rouse makes it a leading IP firm to consult in the UAE and neighbouring nations. Trade mark prosecution and enforcement is the firm’s specialty. “They’re on top of their game,” says one rival. The firm’s UAE operation is overseen by trade marks specialist Chad Dowle. He is supported by Sara Holder who heads up the firm’s entire Middle East operation. Also in the team is the dual-qualified Edward Hardcastle who is known for enforcement work.

On the contentious side, the firm can also rely on legal consultants such as rising IP Star Bassel El Turk, Samantha Grainger and Paul Muscat. “We like that they provide commercially relevant advice rather than simply dictating what is required legally,” says one client. Another one says: “Nice people to deal with and good value for quality.” The team is also cost-sensitive. “They are cost-effective compared to many other service providers and they are aware of our budget constraints and take steps to provide the advice we require within the budget set,” says the client."


United Kingdom


Patent contentious - Tier 6

Trade mark contentious - Tier 2

Trade mark prosecution - Tier 4

Trade Mark Stars - Mark Foreman, Jeremy Newman and Arty Rajendra

Patent Stars - Arty Rajendra

"Rouse is an international IP firm with offices across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and recently in Africa. The firm is renowned for its soft IP enforcement practice, especially anticounterfeiting. In the UK the firm offers legal services through Rouse Legal, which is led by Jeremy Newman, while its prosecution service is delivered by Rouse IP, headed up by Mark Foreman.

Well-known IP litigator Arty Rajendra heads up the firm’s technology and media practice. Newman and Rajendra are both praised. “They go the extra mile and are positive and calm under pressure,” says one client. “They are effective and proactive litigators who provide concise advice in plain English without excessive use of legalese,” another adds. 

The firm is advising the UK government Cabinet Office on the GREAT brand, and assisting Amec Foster Wheeler with its rebranding project. The firm continues to represent Sony Mobile, Reckitt Benckiser and Ford Motor Company."




Patent contentious - Tier 2

Patent prosecution - Tier 3

Trade mark contentious /copyright - Tier 2

Trade mark prosecution - Tier 2

Trade Mark Star - Chris Vale

"Rouse has been operating in Vietnam since 1993 and opened its first office in 1997. Its two offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are managed by Hong Kong and Vietnam country manager Chris Vale.

Based in Hong Kong, Vale has extensive Asia experience having worked in Indonesia, China and Thailand. The firm has a close working relationship with local Vietnamese IP consultancy firm Sao Bac Dau IP which enables Rouse to provide filing services in Vietnam. Possessing a solid reputation for both patent and trade mark work, Rouse works on prosecution and contentious matters with a strong focus on the consumer, life sciences, manufacturing and TMT sectors."

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