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      Commercialising University IP

      Published on 27 Aug 2020 | 1 minute read

      Enabling commercialisation of university owned IP in collaboration with a diverse range of Chinese partners


      A university’s IP commercialisation office wanted to establish partnerships in China across the Government, research institutes and private entities in order to commercialise their technologies.  The technology covered several sectors including biotech, cleantech and advanced manufacturing.

      Our Approach

      We provided tactical advice on deal structuring and reward sharing for IP commercialisation considering the broad range of Chinese partners with different needs and objectives. As individual projects and cooperation platforms were established, we provided negotiation support, executed the Joint Venture agreements and conducted due diligence on potential partners.  We advised on patent filing and protection strategies for technology both being introduced to China and for newly created foreground IP.

      Value Created

      The university established a growing number of successful partnerships. These included a joint venture with a Beijing company; a research collaboration with a Beijing university and SOE enabling them to secure Chinese Government research funding; a collaboration with a Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute; and a new technology transfer center in Hunan

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      Principal, Head of Global Consultancy
      +44 20 7536 4103
      Principal, Rouse Consultancy
      +44 20 7536 4107