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      Webinar: Creating, exploiting and protecting IP rich ventures

      Published on 09 Jul 2020 | 4 minute read
      Courts around the world have been moving to e-filing and, more recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic to e-hearings.
      Thursday 6 August 2020
      4-5.30pm BST / 5-6.30pm CEST
      About this Event

      This programme is for executives working in Corporate Venture, CVC units, corporate innovation roles, investors, ventures etc.

      The audience of IP internal teams would also be relevant for this specific session.

      As entrepreneurs, corporates and investors look to build value in their ventures they need to develop strong customer propositions and leading technology. An area that is often poorly understood is how to protect and value the venture. Intellectual Property, know how and business model are key factors in the success of a valuable business.

      In this session we will be discussing the importance of Intellectual Property and how it can be used to identify and protect key points of value control for a venture. We will use examples from a range of industries from Electric Vehicles, health, energy, consumer, retail etc.

      Benefits that are achieved from affective planning and execution include application of the patents and IP to the venture, understanding of partners and competitors, application of the tech solutions in new sectors etc.

      We will walk through the approach of an anonymised case of a corporate venture using technology and an innovative business model and the key stages of the analysis and actions from an Aimava and Rouse project.

      • High resolution business and context analysis targeting all the aspects of the ventures offering, ecosystems approach and key areas of competitive advantages and innovation.
      • An In-depth patent portfolio analysis where each individual patent asset was assessed from the perspective of scope, quality, and applicability in relation to the ventures current focused business vertical, but also new potential areas where the technology and IP assets could be leveraged
      • IP landscape analysis to identify and analyse suitable potential collaboration partners and receivers of the ventures technology, including dimensions of open innovation, strategic fit and synergies in the value chain
      • Action plan and Strategy for the venture going forward to support a faster market acceptance, build an ecosystem for the technology, as well as finding partners and new business verticals

      Key contributors to this session;

      Erik Oskarsson, Principal at Rouse, Stockholm

      Andrew Gaule, CEO of Aimava

      Rouse is an IP services business which operates as a closely integrated network to provide the full range of intellectual property services, from patent and trade mark protection and management to commercialisation, global enforcement and anti-counterfeiting.

      Aimava is a global advisory firm which supports corporates in their strategic innovation, venturing and delivering Innovative New Value Chains.

      The Aimava sessions are very interactive and there will be plenty of opportunity to share perspectives and questions with peers on the call to share learning and build mutual understanding.


      Brief introduction from the participants (around 12 people on a call)

      Introductions and Objective

      Context and examples Andrew Gaule

      Expert experience perspective and topic Guest speaker for around 20 minutes

      Questions and discussion

      Aim is to have up to a 1.5 hour session

      No Charge: We will not charge for these sessions. We do however want to ensure people do attend when they sign up and they would find this of mutual value with the other particpants. We ask you register your interest and we will confirm your place.

      We are giving the opportunity for you to donate to our nominated charities are Big Issue (a homelessness charity), The Silver Line (a 24 hour support line for older people), and Mind (a mental health charity).

      What Aimava Do.

      Aimava is a global advisory firm, which is supporting leading corporates, business ventures and investors by

      - Determining the key strategic innovation Purpose, aligning Process, Partners and delivering Performance. People we believe are central to the change.

      - Using the well proven methods and frameworks to develop the people and partners. The approaches are core programs used in Europe, USA, China.

      - We work with leading global corporates to utilise Technology, Start Ups and Partners to deliver new products, solutions and business models which require fundamental change. We also work with Angel Funds, ventures and government funded programmes on venture development

      Future events

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