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      E-Commerce, Marketing & Digital

      Legal services to support online and offline marketing and sale of products and services.
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      We negotiate the legal issues associated with selling your goods and services across the world.

      Experienced in both IP-related issues and the regulations covering jurisdictions around the world. We provide the legal expertise you need to support the marketing and sale of products and services, both on and offline.

      Campaign Clearance

      Marketing campaigns such as advertising, promotions and competitions, generally require clearance.

      We will ensure your competitions and prize giveaways comply with relevant regulations, including betting and gaming laws, advising on terms and conditions required for participation.

      Our local knowledge and experience, often from people who have grown up in your target country, mean we are well placed to give guidance on the cultural considerations, which is particularly relevant for companies marketing in new jurisdictions.

      Media Agreements

      We will work with you to review your media and marketing agreements to ensure you have the protection you need.

      Media ventures can generate numerous agreements with third parties such as design agencies, advertising, and promotional agencies, as well as artist or performer agreements with talent agencies to cover endorsements and appearances. We will review these to make sure your interests are covered.

      Online tools such as photo libraries and social marketing channels, as well as consumer-generated content will be factored into any agreements. We’ll handle the host of issues around creation, ownership and exploitation of rights these online tools bring, including personality and image rights, moral rights, privacy rights and reputation management.

      Brand Creation & Management

      Successful brand creation and management relies on careful handling of legal issues.

      We advise you on the agreements you need when developing a new brand, including those governing copyright ownership, design records and the ability to register your brand as a trade mark.

      We help you with ongoing legal management around your brand with advice on sponsorship deals, endorsements and co-branding.

      We will review your merchandising, point of sale materials and marketing collateral, helping you negotiate the increasingly complicated world of online marketing.

      This means taking into account defamation laws, unfair competition and ambush marketing regulations that may restrict how you can talk about third party brands and products or services.

      We bring expertise in Geographical Indications, collective and certification marks and their licensing, co-branding and other brand orientated marketing structures.

      Our IP expertise means we can ensure your commercial operations work seamlessly with your trade mark portfolio management.



      Digital & Online

      Covering websites, apps, social media and content delivery mechanisms, our specialist legal advice will help you negotiate the regulations and jurisdictional complexities associated with digital media and marketing.

      We advise on website agreements, digital publishing agreements, terms and conditions, clearance, interactive technology such as computer games and interactive entertainment and consumer-generated content.

      With online rules differing across jurisdictions and some still developing, we make sure you know what you can and can’t do. We can advise you on establishing an internet business, such as online gambling or content delivery, and ensure compliance with local laws including electronic transaction regulations.

      Regulatory Advice

      Marketing products and services in complex regulatory environments means consideration must be given to areas such as the labelling of products, advertising and promotional restrictions as well as import / export rules.

      We can guide you through the regulatory and marketing approvals required, often from specific government departments, to make sure your products and services are marketed and sold legally. We keep abreast of regulatory changes, so you don’t have to.

      Data Privacy

      Data collection and ownership mean that an increasing number of companies are being driven into the data law space. New data privacy regimes are being established around the world, regulating how companies collect and store data about their customers.

      Whilst privacy rules may be similar in different jurisdictions, local details and consumer expectations can vary considerably so international campaigns require careful planning to ensure they are compliant.

      Please see our Data Privacy page for summaries of the rules in each of our markets.

      Brand Protection

      With a proliferation of domain name systems out there, we will work with you to decide on the right intellectual property protection and enforcement strategy for your business.

      This includes considering social media usernames and that online content and product sales may create secondary liability for internet intermediaries, requiring complex digital enforcement programmes.

      Our Team

      +852 3412 4005

      Jin Ling

      Principal, Director of Commercial Law Practice


      +86 21 3251 9966

      Tania Lovita

      Principal & Head of Dispute Resolution Team Indonesia


      +62 21 769733

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